Essay about Why Curiosity Is Not An Inherently Bad Thing

Essay about Why Curiosity Is Not An Inherently Bad Thing

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When we are younger, we tend to associate questions not to decision making, but to the world itself by the use of imagination. As children, we wonder and want to figure out the way things work and why do they exist. As we get older, and are more informed and educated, these questions are discarded and disappear into the younger version of ourselves, because it is unnecessary in modern society. Now, I’ll explain why keeping curiosity is not an inherently bad thing and how it helped me form my interest in science and with it, how I chose my academic path.
In primary school, I wasn’t as active as all the other kids, mainly because of my asthma. This was an excuse to just be lazy and not run the 5 laps around the 2 basketball courts. So the time that I didn’t spend jogging in PE class because of my worn out excuse, I looked at the clouds in the sky and everything else around me. Now, as we know, the most common thought and agreed conclusion is that any child at that age is naturally very curious. As any kid my age would do; I asked a lot of questions.
When I got home, I spent the afte...

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