Why Cosmetic Surgery Should Be Banned Essay

Why Cosmetic Surgery Should Be Banned Essay

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Cariana Raygor
Composition 2
Mr. McQuade
Period 1
March 30 2015
Why Cosmetic Surgery Should be Banned
Have you ever looked in the mirror and not liked what you saw? Haven’t we all? How about this, have you ever looked in the mirror and considered spending thousands of dollars to change what you see? Nope, me neither, but unfortunately thousands of people everyday do. Whether it’s a new nose, bigger breasts, an uplifted face, or any other cosmetic surgery, everyday someone is going under the knife to feel better about themselves. Now you may think, well that’s fine if they’re happy that way. However, it is most likely that after a surgery they will be more upset with what they see. There are many risks ignored by patients having cosmetic surgery due to the fact that the procedures are being done by doctors. Also, the social pressure to look like the medias definition of beauty is rising and changing how we view ourselves, which also has much to do with ones self confidence. Many people have cosmetic surgery to appear ageless and young however the amount of stress and damage you are putting on your body could cause more aging to yourself, counteracting the time and money you spent on the original surgery. Body modification is a form of self mutilation. Most times self mutilation is done because people are emotionally disassociated with their bodies. “The frequency of self mutilation by young women fits into a context of increasing mental and physical health problems in teenage girls. “The most common form of severe self-mutilation by proxy is cosmetic surgery and this practice overwhelmingly affects women. Many of the forms of harm promoted to women by television shows and the advertisements of surgeons derive directly from the por...

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...e facelifts and the new physical image, a fragile self-esteem still might exist. When a person is involved in an accident, reconstructive surgery is acceptable. It is fair for the individual to change his or her image after a negative experience has altered it. There also is a difference between someone who gets one thing done versus trying to change his or her whole image.” Teenagers believe beauty is what they see on TV, in the magazines, at the awards shows, and on social media. It is true when they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that beauty is found in imperfections. Everyone has their own beauty that separates them from others and makes them unique. You cannot buy the stories told from your natural scars or the laughter lines by your smile. People are so focused on physical appearance that it tears them away from the more important things in life.

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