Why College Players Should Not Be Allowed Essay

Why College Players Should Not Be Allowed Essay

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In the United States of America there is an idea that people get paid what they are worth and this is a standard practice for most organizations. However, there is always exceptions to the rule and one of the greatest exceptions is the collegiate sports industry. In the business of college sports has one of the most profitable systems, which is a very simple idea not paying the people who make your money. If you don 't have to pay the employees then that percentage that usually is taken as a loss becomes part of the companies profits, thus making the industry very lucrative. One of the great wonders of this world is how in a country that runs a free market system could allow such a violation of everything that the country stands for take place. Many people have come up with reasons why college players should not be allowed to be play. Some of these reasons are because they claim that the sport is amateur and that colleges would not be able to afford the payment of players. I claim that these are false statements used to continue to make a profit by stealing the deserved wages of their employees. In an article written in the Huffington Post by Maxwell Strachan states the reasons why and how colleges are able to pay players and also why they should. I agree with the article and the reasons that it presents offer in my opinion clear and relevant reasons to believe their conclusion. The NCAA should not be allowed to get away with such a terrible crime while making billions of unpaid labor.
The article starts off ass many would think by setting up the standard argument for why or why not college players should get paid. However, since the article is going from the view of proving why they should get paid they start by presenting and d...

... middle of paper ...

...that most of it is spent on purchases that seem excessive. One can come to the natural conclusion that the reason for this is to hide the actual money that they make. This is proven within the article and thus gives a reason to disprove a strong point for not paying college athletes. With this disproven it opens the door for concluding that not only can the college athletes be paid, but they should be paid.
Concluding this paper I say that Strachan wrote a great article on why colleges could pay athletes if they wanted to. He structures his arguments with the standard forms used, but does it such a way that is masterful. He gives great concise reasons to believe his conclusion and disproves his opposition. He also gives an example of how he could implement a system that would make this a reality. This article is truly a great example on how to structure and argument.

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