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Why College Is Not Free Essay examples

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When considering going to college, the one question that pops up is how much does college cost? Many future college students and parents try to figure out what to do in order to go to college without financial problems. The problem is that college is expensive, which is why parents today wonder why college is not free. In fact, parents now are driven to state colleges based on the lower costs of the tuition. For that reason, state colleges should allow students to attend for free.
Students should have the ability to attend college tuition free without worrying about debt from student loans. In addition, this will encourage more students to go to college. Don Kusler from Denver Post explains free state colleges, “Tuition-free and loan-free college education would not only give a vital boost to aspiring students of modest and middle means, but also make sure we don 't cheat our society of its next great leader because he or she faced a purely economic bar to college admission”(Kusler 1). Students today are hit with debt based on loans, but if public colleges allow free tuition and free loans, more students will be able to go to college and still succeed in life. Students should enjoy the college experience, instead of panicking over the tuition.
Not only would students go to college for free, but other colleges will try to compete with free tuition college to draw more students. Bryce Covert from Think Progress states, “That means that with the money it already spends to make college affordable, the government could instead subsidize public college tuition, thereby making it free for all students. This would not just mean anyone could attend a higher education institution without worrying about cost, but i...

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... may not want to take more money out to pay the government, who are making money from taxes and loans. Campaigner Bernie Sanders states, “Over the next decade, it has been estimated that the federal government will make a profit of over $110 billion on student loan programs. (Bernie Sanders 1). Funding the government is unfair for parents due to the fact that students take out loans and parents have to pay back the government.
College should be a time for students including parents to enjoy, not a time to worry about how to pay for college. Public colleges need to consider letting students go for free, instead of cheating parents into borrowing money to afford college. Young adults are going to college to fulfill the dreams and goals that are life changing. State colleges ought to favor in free tuition to gain more aspiring students.

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