Why Cohabitation Should Be Treated Equally As Marriage Essay

Why Cohabitation Should Be Treated Equally As Marriage Essay

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According to the development of society, the prominent feature of an ideal family has notoriously changed. One recent feature of the family is cohabitation. This essay will consider the elements of cohabitation. Moreover, the essay will illustrate the rights of a couple when a cohabitation breaks down. Furthermore, when there are children, it is essential to determine the responsibilities such as maintenance claims and parental responsibilities. Views on the property rights will be assumed to clarify the ownership of the house. Finally, mediation sessions will be necessary for the couple, through the comfortable and confidential procedure that courts did not cover for family affairs. This essay will substantiate the view that cohabitation should be treated equally as marriage, once they have identical elements for a stable family. Also, mediation can provide certainty to the couple alongside the frozen environment of the courts.

Angela and Bradley should constitute a family, even if they are unmarried and cohabiting. Considering cohabitation is where two persons are living together as a husband and wife, dissimilar of marriage, which is the voluntary union of a man and a woman by a ceremony. Many years ago, cohabitation was deemed to be an abuse of the English language, but with the passage of time, couples which are living together outside of marriage is called family. A couple which is cohabiting together in the same household and intentionally sharing a daily life with stability and permanence as well as sharing finances and having children can apparently constitute a normal family. After clarifying that they constitute a normal family, the issue of separation should be explained. A divorce cannot take place in cohabita...

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...n. Angela, who is vulnerable, mediation will help her to reduce pressure and feel more powerful for the best for her family.

To conclude, this essay investigated that cohabitation constitute a normal family, and judicial separation is the way that the couple can terminate it. Then, it was explored that maintenance claims cannot be provided to the mother since marriage never existed, but it may be given to children which substitute father’s expenses. Positively, the parental responsibility is given to the mother, after the provision of the law for cohabitation. Besides that, this essay outlined the property rights which Angela acquired for the sake of her children, as they cannot be disturbed by their natural environment. Finally, the essay addressed the basic rules and principles of mediation and analysed the procedure that a mediator takes in every family dispute.

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