Why Co Sleeping Is A Good Idea? Essay examples

Why Co Sleeping Is A Good Idea? Essay examples

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Imagine you just had a baby and you are taking him/her home today. It comes to bed time; would you have your child sleep with you in the bed or in a crib? Co-sleeping is an important decision when it comes to parenting. Co-sleeping is when a baby, from birth to age two, sleeps with their parents in the same bed. It is also a big discussion if co-sleeping is a good idea or not. Many people have different opinions. I have a couple of sources that look at both sides of the issue. Three of the sources are blogs. Two out of the three shows advantages of co-sleeping and the other is against co-sleeping. My mother, who is another source, is against co-sleeping due to some experience with me when I was a baby. One study that is very interesting looks at independence and self reliance. The other study shows sleeping patterns with parents that co-sleeps with their children. I personally recommend to not sleep in the same bed as your child, especially if they are from birth to age one.
A blog that I have come across was named, Kellymom. Kellymom was for co-sleeping and showed some interesting facts. It showed that co-sleeping helps babies and parents sleep better, it is easier to breastfeed since the baby is right beside you, breastfeeding at night also maintains your milk supply, there is no nighttime separation anxiety, and fewer bedtime hassles. Another advantage that I found interesting that Kellymom points out is that it decreases the risks of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Co-sleeping can mean a few things though. It could mean sleeping in the same room as your baby as well. The Kellymom’s definition is, “co-sleeping essentially means sleeping in close proximity to your child.” Which means that the fact that the parents are in t...

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.../if I have a baby, I will not have him/her sleep with my husband and I in the same bed. I probably would be the same as my mother and not get any sleep and become paranoid with the risk of my husband or I rolling over our baby. When he/she gets older and has nightmares and needs that security I will let him/her sleep with my husband and I. In addition, I feel like the child needs to be able to be independent and sleep on their own. In my sources, I have learned many things. I was very surprised with the study of how early co-sleepers show more independence and self-reliance than children who sleep in the crib by themselves. I also learned that there could be some advantages to co-sleeping, like it is easier for the mother to breastfeed since the child is right next to the parents. If you feel like co-sleeping is the best choice, then that is your choice. You, do you.

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