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“Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” is a segment of the novel Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua, author and professor at Yale Law School. “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” was printed on the Wall Street Journal and caused a great deal of controversy. When mentioning “Chinese mothers” Chua refers to mothers who are remarkably strict in the way that they raise their children; regarding their academics and extracurricular activities. Contrastingly she also refers to “Western parents” who Chua believes are greatly more lenient with the way that they raise their children. The controversy came about because there was a great deal of disagreement with the way Chua admits to treating her children. People really disagreed with the things she did and it turned into a big discussion between the parents with the differing parenting styles. I think that when comparing “Chinese parents” and “Western parents” each in its extreme and opposite way to one another we should keep in mind that too much of anything is bad. With parenting just as with a mass of other things a middle ground needs to be found; parents need to learn to be strict, with academics because grades and education does matter, but also understanding that their children should be able to make their own decisions with things like extracurricular activities.
In her article Chua talks about how so many Chinese mothers raise “such stereotypically successful kids” (261), and about how she raised them and she can share how she did it. She talks about the things that she never let her daughters do like have play dates, watch tv, or choose their own extracurricular activities; and regarding playing instruments she only allowed them to play the violin or th...

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.... Academically the Chinese parents are winning and adopting a little bit of their intensity regarding their children’s education would not hurt.
Ultimately I think that sometimes children’s wishes should be respected. I think adults tend to forget that kids, although physically smaller, are people and their feelings and opinions are valid. Nearly the only category in which the U.S beat the other countries in was self-regard. Even when American students were outperformed by so many students; no other country thought they performed as well as the Americans did. Western parents seem to be doing something right, now they just have to find a way to make the confidence the kids have in their academic proficiency be reflected in their grades. I believe that with both encouragement, and a little bit of a rough hand, we can raise confident and social intellectual adults.

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