Why Cancer Is A Disease Of Dna Essay

Why Cancer Is A Disease Of Dna Essay

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Though there are many theories as to what specifically contributes to cancer, the verdict is still out on the actual root of the problem. What is the true and leading cause of cancer? Where does it stem from? It is agreed by most that, “The immediate cause of cancer must be some combination of insults and accidents that induces normal cells in a healthy human body to turn malignant, growing like weeds and sprouting in unnatural places”(57). It is also agreed in the scientific community that cancer is “a disease of DNA”, however this does not really get to the root of the problem. This article attempts to steer away from previously held theories and beliefs surrounding the development of cancer, and try in a different way to understand the disease. The information in the article site three different theories as to how the transformation of cells occurs and what specifically prompts this behavior in some cells (later tumors) and not others.
The author highlights that it is important to understand both why cancer is a disease that increases in advance aging, and why it attacks some, but not all of the aging population. Robert A. Weinberg and his fellow researchers developed a theory that suggests that “all life-threatening cancers manifest at least six special abilities” (58). These special abilities include: 1) the ability to ignore the “stop dividing” command 2) serious problems with their DNA 3) avoidance of cell suicide command 4) ability to convince blood vessels within close proximity to create infrastructure they need to survive 5) immortality of cancerous cells that do not die off due to defects 6) ability to metastasize by invade nearby tissues. The last two abilities making cancer most problematic and deadly as local tumor...

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...of correctly made cells. If one of these “master genes” fails or becomes disabled, it essentially hiccups each time it tries to reproduce, disarranging chromosomes (64).
While we are making movement to consider the true roots of the disease cancer, it still remains elusive to us. All current theories need to invest more research and come up with more evidence supporting their claims. Determining which of these theories is most likely plausible in order to develop treatments that parallel with the theories. Lobe suggests that a good course of action is to focus on how to delay growth in tumors. While this may not be helpful to the population as a whole, it will certainly be valuable to the elderly community who may only need a few more years. Today, many of our treatments may not leave a patient free of cancer, but we continue making steps in the right direction (65).

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