Why California When The Water Dries Up? California Essay

Why California When The Water Dries Up? California Essay

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What is going to happen to California when the water dries up? California is known for its hot and dry summers. Thinking that the state is always the first to “experiment” with laws and new ideas, they would have more socially responsible corporations and more environmentally friendly residents! The state historically put in place infrastructure to purify its groundwater during droughts, but this latest drought that began in 2011 has drained the reservoirs lower than ever. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says, “It would take several years of average or above-average rainfall before the state’s water supply could return to anything close to normal” (California Drought). No other state in the union is home to more people, and the rest of the country depends on the food produced there. Its groundwater has been polluted for almost a century—first from pesticides and now with hydro-fracking waste. Water quality and quantity has been over-compromised due to pollution, the use of the supply during the drought, lack of caring and protection, and land subsidence.
Pollutants are in California’s water supply. Almost 40 years after spraying, pesticides still poison California’s water supply. As an example, Farrell explains, “DBCP, a nematicide banned since 1977, was recently detected in more than 2,500 drinking wells in 15 California counties (2).” Nematicide is a sprayed pesticide used from 1940 until 1975 to eradicate the nematode worm from destroying crops. That is leaving a high percentage of people in these counties without sustainable drinking water. Pollutants are just one of the many shortage factors when measuring quantity of fresh groundwater.
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If everyone just pitched in and watched the use of harmful pesticides, came up with new ways to turn the polluted water into fresh water, maybe by slowing down on the use of pesticides or coming up with a healthier way to save the crops. Also, maybe slowing down on the hydraulic fracking, using half as much of the water supply and forcing corporations to return the water fresh, California would have an easier time handling the quantity of groundwater, due to the drought. Think about it: If everyone in the world just saved a cup of water, California would have thousands of gallons more to share. If everyone pitched in to slow the process of destruction and maybe even stopping it completely we would be prepared for the more challenging natural occurrences. It will take some attention and hard work to fix the issue of California running low on fresh water.

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