Essay about Why Byu Should Be The Top Of Campus

Essay about Why Byu Should Be The Top Of Campus

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Stairway to Heaven?
“The only thing that’s standing between me and my education are these stairs.” This was a remark made by a student as she started her walk up the staircase by the Smith Field House. I’m sure most students have felt this same way as they approach what seems to be the longest staircase in the world. Everybody who has walked up these stairs knows that the climb to the top is no easy task. BYU should invest in a shuttle that will transport students to the top of campus so they can get to where they need to go without having to walk up 106 steep, laborious steps.
This specific staircase is causing students to miss out on opportunities to get a better education. A student at BYU recently dropped a class that was held in the RB, just so she wouldn’t have to climb up those stairs twice a week. She gave up the opportunity to expand her learning, just so she was not required to physically exert herself. This is an absurd reason to keep students from taking classes that interest them, yet it seems to be a big enough problem and it prevents them from expanding their knowledge. When students do have classes down at the RB or Smith Field House, they are often late for their other classes. They have to stop and catch their breath at the top of the stairs before they can continue walking. I have seen (and heard) many students who are physically exhausted and look as though they can’t go much farther, but have to continue to climb in order to make it to their next class. I myself have experienced this feeling of fatigue. It doesn’t matter how good of shape you are in physically, you can’t deny that those stairs are hard. Even the students that are a part of a sports team here at BYU struggle to get up the stairs.
Many stud...

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...u slip at the top of the stairs it’s a long way before you hit the bottom and students can get really injured. Having a shuttle available on campus would make it possible for students who don’t have a car to get to class without having to walk up dangerous ice covered stairs. Having a shuttle would not only provide a warm way of transportation to students during winter months, but it would make the trip a lot safer as well.
We all want to make the most of our experience here at BYU and we will be able to do that better if we are able to take the classes we want and are not physically exhausted. All those who have walked up all 106 of those steps to get to class know that it is a trying experience. A shuttle would transport students to the top of campus and help them be involved in all the activities they want, and still allow the stairs as an option to get to class.

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