Why Bullying Can’t Be Stopped? Essay

Why Bullying Can’t Be Stopped? Essay

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Bullying has always been a problem within the past century and has become an epidemic. However, because of social media people are becoming more aware of the issues associated with bullying and how it has become a trend in today’s society. You turn on the news and you are hearing about kids being bullied and the end result is suicide. Bullying is occurring worldwide. Not only is it happening in our schools and social networks, but also in the work place. The various types of bullying that exist and the attempt to entirely eliminate them is not achievable because of individual and environmental factors.
Human nature will never change. You can observe children and create guidelines to reduce bullying, but there will always be egotistical, hostile individuals in society. It is a vicious cycle that cannot be broken because victims do not take a stand due to fear, retaliation, and consequences. Bullies rarely get caught, and when they do, they blame the victim, therefore, the victim usually gets the punishment for retaliation. This only shows that our enforcement system is not working. Society will not stand up against bullying because most people do not care as long as it is not affecting them or choose to look the other way. Because our current system is not working, bullying victims are feeling trapped in a world of hopelessness.
In a CNN study by Chuck Hadad he states “That bullying is pervasive even though the schools have anti-bullying programs from kindergarten through 12th grade, assemblies throughout the year, and a peer-to-peer program where older students talk to younger students about the dangers of bullying” (Hadad). Robert Faris, a sociologist found that bullies and victims are generally the same person. Whe...

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