Essay on Why Blacks And Whites Will Evaluate The Perception Of The Police

Essay on Why Blacks And Whites Will Evaluate The Perception Of The Police

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This study will take a look at how Blacks and Whites will evaluate the perception of how different ethnic groups view law enforcement misconduct. Research has illustrated that police is cutting edge in which law enforcement has the capacity to do their obligations efficiently than a perception is formed by Blacks and Whites (Livingston, Desmarais, Greaves, Parent, Verdun-Jones & Brink, 2014). The research of public perception dates back to the era of Sir Robert Peel, who established the first police organization in London (Jenkin, 2013). However, studies continue to view citizen’s perception of the police because of the past and current events. Furthermore, the tragic events that have occurred such as the Los Angeles riots from the Rodney King incidence, in which he was beaten by police, to current events such as Freddie Gray when he was killed, while in custody, by law enforcement (Weitzer, 2015). Therefore, events such as these have influenced blacks and whites attitudes toward police. However, blacks are more likely to view the police in the negative way compared to Whites. For the most part, blacks feel that their communities are targeted more by law enforcement then in White communities (Weitzer & Tuch, 2004).
Race and Perceptions of the Police
Blacks and Whites have been the central study of a significant number of historical studies on attitudes about law enforcement and their conduct. African-Americans are the group that researchers study more frequently than any other group. Therefore, the studies conducted found that unlike Whites tend to show less favoritism toward law enforcement (Wu, Smith,& Sun, 2013). Past studies on Blacks and Whites attitudes toward police have demonstrated that diverse in...

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...orcement. However, if they resided in the area that had prosperity studies backed the hypotheses that positive things were said about the law enforcement (Schuck & Martin, 2013).
There is information available to see the issue of citizen’s attitude about law enforcement. Racial differences in law enforcement continue to develop to be a problem in America. Police misconduct happens, but the misconduct that occurs by other officers creates a negative view of citizens. The views of law enforcement by citizens then turn into an institutionalized phenomenon, that all police are bad. Blacks tend to have a dislike for law enforcement while Whites tend to be for law enforcement. Lastly, the change in attitudes among citizens will not change until scholarly research begins to understand how to close the gap between law enforcement and citizen’s community relations.

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