Why Being A Jerk Is Bad For Picking Up Women Essay

Why Being A Jerk Is Bad For Picking Up Women Essay

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Why Being A Jerk Is Bad For Picking Up Women
Don 't Be A Jerk - Don 't Even Pretend To Be A Jerk
There are a lot of jerks teaching other guys how to be jerks - or at least portray a jerk. I see them all over the place, but because they seem confident, tough, and like the kind of man who gets a lot of women, a lot of guys sign up for their bullshit.

I don 't believe in playing hurtful games and using tricks to pick up women. I don 't believe in acting like you are better than women to pick up women.

I do believe in the power of self-confidence, communication, and attitude. I also believe in understanding women, and using that knowledge to your advantage.

But, in my opinion, guys who promote violence or abuse (mental or otherwise) should not be allowed to charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to teach guys how to use their methods.

That said, there are some dating coaches who seem to teach pretty decent stuff, but then joke about being a jerk to women. And, this can backfire big time too!

Guy Accused Of Teaching Abuse IS Someone To Learn From

If you haven 't heard about Julien...

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