Why Are We Eat? Essay

Why Are We Eat? Essay

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Dying Carnivores
People are dying every day from different diseases such as
heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and these diseases don 't discriminate. Color, gender, or size doesn’t matter. Where do these diseases come from? What is the process for killing animals that are used for food? The saying, “you are what you eat” may sound a little cliché, but that statement holds a lot of weight. Young adults cannot expect to live long healthy lives if they continue to poison their bodies with meat.
Don’t get me wrong, meat is not the enemy, it’s what’s being done to the meat. Many people think that chicken is the healthiest meat. When in fact, our chickens are treated the worst of all the animals while being transported to slaughterhouses. The abuse basically starts before the chickens are hatched. In the article, “17 Chicken Facts the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know”, it states that, “51.4 billion chickens are artificially hatched, fattened up, and slaughtered as a 42-day old baby” (par. 1). That is really disturbing because the lifespan of a chicken is 10-15 years. So, basically oversized babies are being killed for food. The article also stated that “chickens are forced to grow 65 times faster than their bodies normally would, and the industry continually seeks to increase that growth rate” (par. 3). To put this in perspective what if, your one-month-old baby grew so fast that it looked like a 3 or 4-year-old. That is not normal, and definitely not healthy. The chickens are so big that their legs are too weak to hold them up. The article also states that “ammonia burn” and respiratory diseases and fatalities are also common from exposure to high concentrations of ammonia emanating from large accumulations of...

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...t happens to animals in slaughterhouses. Meat will never be a good source of protein as long as the process to kill animals remain the same.
People are dying every day from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. All of these diseases have struck close to home. My mother passed from pancreatic cancer, a brother and uncle passed from a heart attack, grandmother and aunt passed from diabetes, and three aunts have breast cancer. According to statistics, I should have one of the diseases or all. I haven’t had beef or pork for twelve years and been a pescatarian for nine years and I am completely healthy. Eating a plant-based diet can lower your risks of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Young people, it is not too late to take control of your health, so that you will live a long healthy life. If, you want to add more healthy years to your life, eat less meat.

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