Why Are Scores Falling Schools? Essay

Why Are Scores Falling Schools? Essay

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Why are scores falling in schools? This is what you would probably hear if you walked into a state school board meeting. State school board members are frantically searching for the answers on how to increase test scores and create school systems where all students receive the best education possible. State school boards have spent much of their time studying the nutrition of food served at school to children. of what children in school our school aged children are eating each day they struggle through a day of learning. From their studies they have found a direct correlation between nutrition, cognition and psychosocial behavior. Many studies look at the nutritional benefits of proteins, vitamins, and food substances as they affect learning and brain function. The conclusion is our schools have the potential to play a vital role in preparing and sustaining our students’ potential learning abilities and benefitting their social behaviors by supplying nutritious breakfasts and lunches during school days.
In 1946, the United States of America took a huge step in bettering schools meals. The National School Lunch Act’s laws and regulations have been amended twenty-two times. Today’s program has over 100 years of testing, evaluating, and constant research to make sure the program provides the best in nutrition, nutrition education, and foodservice for millions of students(Winchell, 2009). The USDA maintains control over the program, but there are still funding issues. In schools, more than half of lunches are free or reduced. In fact, during the 2013-2014 school year, 62% of meals were free of charge, 8% were reduced and only 30% of meals were actually paid for by the student (Federal Education Budget Program, 2014). In J...

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... school. Elementary school have been shown to do a better job providing healthy meal option. High School offer students the option to buy food through La cartes,vending machines or school stores. High Schools don 't want to take this away because this a way to bring in venue. On average 70% of student lunches are free or reduced, leaving only 30% of students who fully pay for their lunches. Although they get reimbursed by the government for the student who can not pay for their lunch, they are still trying to find other ways to bring in a profit. They know that a majority of students prefer the unhealthy fast food options, so they sell competitive foods to increase sales. The State School Boards hope that by setting stricter regulation to better the students nutrition they will be able to increase test scores and give the students the best education possible.

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