Essay on Why Are Prisoners For Live Outside The Prison System?

Essay on Why Are Prisoners For Live Outside The Prison System?

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Why are prisoners finding it hard to live outside the prison system? After inmates are released from prison, they need to learn how to re enter back into society, but some have no family support or anywhere to go, so they commit another crime and go right back to jail, a phenomenon called recidivism. “Studies show that many offenders tend to end up back in prison when they can’t find employment or if they have strained family” (Chamberlain). Having support is great after being released but not all support is the right support but there are many other options. In fact, there are halfway houses, gate money, the power of an education, and even some ways to find their way back into society while in prison.
There are many options for inmates after they are released from prison even before their sentence is finished. After they are released, the inmates can go with their families, make a life on their own, or towards the end of their sentence they may go to a halfway house. A halfway house is “a transitional facility to which convicted criminals are paroled for some period of time, in advance of full release into the community” (Wallace). The halfway house helps the inmates reenter society by providing different services such as:
Substance abuse programing and employment services, others also offer educational programs, cognitive therapy groups, financial counseling, life and parenting skills, anger management classes, behavior medication programs, spiritual programs, domestic violence counseling and programs for sex offenders (When is a Prisoner).
The halfway houses are well structured and require the prisoners to work, attend programs, and follow all the rules or they could be sent back to prison; but, not all prisoners are ...

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...ecause they go live with family friends, they are adopted, reunified with family, sent to a correctional facility, or they run away. Thirty-one percent of them were reunified with their family and seven percent of them were adopted. The time between leaving foster care and being sentenced to prison is fifty-three percent for more than five years and nineteen percent for less than two years. Thirty-eight percent of inmates had a place to stay for a year or more after they aged out or ran away. Twenty-five percent had a place to stay for several months to a year. Sixty-three percent of the prisoners were not homeless when the left foster care to live on there own but thirty-six percent were.
After inmates are released from prison many find it hard to re enter society so they commit another crime and get sent back to jail. There are many ways to help reduce recidivism.

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