Essay on Why Are People Malnourished On The Richest Country On Earth?

Essay on Why Are People Malnourished On The Richest Country On Earth?

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“Why are people malnourished in the richest country on earth?” (McMillan 66) The author: Tracie McMillan starts out her article asking this question. This article’s main points talk about how and why Americans are malnourished. Whether it had to do with a financial issue or difficulties in their lives, this article mentions real life examples of both. Many people are struggling just to put food on the table and this makes it hard to eat nutritionally. As McMillan points out, people who are living in poverty tend to be malnourished. I believe more needs to be done and humans as a whole should search for a solution.
The first real life example will pertain to Christina Dreier and her struggles. Dreier sends her son, Keagan, to school without eating anything. Christina does this so there will be more food saved to be used at lunch time. She gathers what she can and makes something small so her kids can eat. She herself doesn’t eat until she knows her kids eat something before her. She fears not being able to feed her children. She and her husband, Jim, struggle to pay one bill after another. They try set aside some money to make up for what they can’t get from food stamps. Christina is worried about their family van, which could be repossessed at any moment. She and Jim need to open up a bank account hoping to set up automatic payments instead of trying to pay in cash. This can only work if Jim finishes work early. This means skipping out on overtime pay which could potentially pay for some much needed groceries. Every month it’s the same. Bills go unpaid because food is and always will be a priority. (McMillan 72)
Chances are when you imagine what hunger looks like, you don’t imagine some like Christina Dreier: white, married, a...

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...ormative and it does a good job of providing support for its claims. People need help and many people are overlooking it. The author’s goal was to inform her audience and letting them know that people all around us suffering. The government does help out a little here and there but it isn’t enough. How are people so supposed to live fulfilling lives if they aren’t eating properly.
The main goal here should be to make sure that children’s futures are secure. If they see that their parents are struggling to put food on the table, this could cause them to act out. It’s difficult to put any blame on them because they don’t really know what else to do. Many people have never been in a situation where they would have to do anything dangerous or out of the ordinary. If you are struggling to feed your family, you do need to explore other options no matter what they may be.

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