Essay about Why Are Not Young Women Choosing Careers?

Essay about Why Are Not Young Women Choosing Careers?

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It has become common today to dismiss the fact that there are few women in the STEM careers today. Why are not young women choosing to pursue careers in math and science? Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, boys and girls were in the same math and science courses. Once they begin college and can choose their own course study, they tend to shy away from STEM careers. Going into college, young women still want to do STEM studies and careers, but when graduation comes around, there are more men with STEM degrees when compared to women. Due to societal norms for young girls and it historically being male dominated field, as women they are not choosing careers in math and science. Society frames a picture on how women and men are supposed to choose careers for their lives. Young women themselves choose not to go into STEM because society is typically stereotyping men into these fields instead of women.
It is often said that girls are not choosing to pursue careers in math and science because it is a male dominant field. “A new study from Girls Scout Research Institute (GSRI), "Generation STEM: What Girls Say, About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)", shows that most girls have an interest in STEM, but when thinking about the future careers, they do not prioritizes STEM fields” (“Study Reveals What Girls Say About STEM”, 18). “Also, 57% of girls who said they were going to pursue STEM careers,said they would have to work twice as hard as men to get any respect” (“Study Reveals What Girls Say About STEM”). Record demonstrates men have a habit of giving women a hard time in these fields. Women also have no respect in these fields because men cannot accept the idea that women can have careers and be successful i...

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...vements. Media outlets display more information about achievements from male scientist compared to female scientists (Gises). Since the media outlets tend to give more information about achievements from male scientists than female, young women are discouraged from choosing careers in STEM fields.
In the end, because of these reasons girls still are not choosing to pursue careers in math and science. Young women need the support from parents and teachers for them to succeed. The influence from society has about females in STEM needs to change, and so do the views within the media. In doing so, women will have the freedom to go into fields in which they have the desire to. Women having an equal paying job will allow them the prospect to achieve vastness. This may also allow women to have the contingency to move up in their fields and having the respect they require.

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