Why Are Humans And Nonhuman Animals Are Capable Of Long Term Collaborative Relationships?

Why Are Humans And Nonhuman Animals Are Capable Of Long Term Collaborative Relationships?

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1. This experiment is about determining whether humans and nonhuman animals are capable of long-term collaborative relationships to benefit their survival. There are two kinds of reciprocity that this study explores, which are attitudinal and calculated reciprocity. Attitudinal reciprocity deals with emotional connections between certain individuals, while calculated reciprocity remembers the deeds of each interactions they had. This study is important, because it addresses the strategies that are employed to ensure one’s survival. Those who participated in this study were either 3.5 year-old or 5 year-old children and the other participants are chimpanzees. The independent variable for the children’s experiment was the ball containing the golden star and the ball that is empty. The dependent variable is relationship between the two partners that were paired. The independent variable for the chimpanzee experiment would be the baits with incentives and those without incentives. The dependent would be the cooperation between the chimpanzees.
2. In the children’s group experiment, the scientists hypothesized that those who hold a dominant power over their partners would take over the rewards with alterations being absent. In the first day of the experiment, children are exposed to a ball containing a golden sticker and they had to pull in order to obtain it. They could collect these stickers in a book that was provided. On the second day, they were taught that they had to pull together in order to obtain the ball with a golden star, but only one gets a star and the other ball is trapped in a reward-trap hole. As a result, 5 year olds took advantage of turn-taking strategies or developed it during the experiment. However, this turn-ta...

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...I was the researcher, I would put the test subjects in to a bigger field rather than a box and pulling experiment. For example, there would be three areas, one area does not have resources, the second area would have abundance of resources, and the last would be a place for test subjects to interact. The subjects would be placed into one of the first two areas and are left to scavenge for resources. Then they are put into the third area and see if they would interact and share the resources they found. The test would be repeated, but their areas would be switched. Once they are put back to the third area, researchers would see if the first subject, who was in the area that lack resources, would share its loot. I hypothesize that the subjects would observed a payback sequence in which they will share resources, if their partners also shared their resources previously.

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