Why Are Fields Important For Bourdieu.practices And Methods? Essay

Why Are Fields Important For Bourdieu.practices And Methods? Essay

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“In short, being the product of a particular class of objective regularities, the habitus tends to generate all the reasonable ', 'common: on-sense ', behaviours (and only these) which are possible within the limits of these regularities, and which are likely to be positively sanctioned because they are objectively adjusted to the logic characteristic of a particular field, whose objective future they anticipate”. (Bourdieu, 1990b:55-56)
The significance of fields is very important for Bourdieu.Practices and methods are always produced in specified circumstances.So they are not only habitual products; they are the interaction products of habits and predispositions to this specific environment with the conditions or the fields in which individuals take action, in which there is a “market” with “social games” in it and individuals participate to these social games.Each field is considered a structured and regulated place of transaction.Fields can be several areas of our social life such as art,politics,medicine,law etc.The positions that form fields are following an hierarchy; within position there is an authority relationship.These positions every time it is needed they are regulated by the specific “capital”.Within the several fields the individual struggles to gain more power,to get better so he can improve his social class and status.In one’s personal struggle to succeed in his try; habitus works either as an advantage either as a disadvantage.
Bourdieu in his research (field of cultural production) found out that there is a continues confrontation between “high” culture and “low” culture which is actualized through several kinds such as photography against Picasso paintings for example.This kind of conflict exists not...

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...ds do not unfold in an automatic way, they are not chaotic movements in society or structures that stand alone.They need either motivation either deterrence.They are possibility structures evaluating social behaviors and existential modes through a specific field and within a specific way.Power fields or dynamic fields,or fields of power where development flows and it is interlaced with other fields.
In the field it is conducted a kind of struggle to impose to the things that are taken for granted the ways of operation, for the “rules” of the game.
“An institution, even an economy, is complete and fully viable only if it is durably objectified not only in things, that is, in the logic, transcending individual agents, of a particular field, but also in bodies, in durable dispositions to recognize and comply with the demands immanent in the field”. (Bourdieu, 1990c:58)

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