Essay about Why Are Children Failing School?

Essay about Why Are Children Failing School?

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Why are our children failing in school?
If and when a child begins to fail, there may be several reasons behind this notion, but what if our children are falling behind due the lack of motivation from parents, teachers, and even themselves. How can we expect students to be excited about learning if they don’t have parents who are encouraging them to be better learners? Teachers who are showing up to only do the bare minimum, when perhaps they need to not only be willing to teach, but to also inspire their students to help build a brighter future. There can a number of ways an instructor can encourage a class to push harder and do their best, the benefits of doing so may make or break whether a child will aspire to a higher education someday, or if a first time college student will drop out as a result of lacking the basic willpower to continue. However, students are not the only ones who need that simple push to excel in the classroom, the teachers should be enthusiastic about education as well.
So how can we get students stimulated, make learning exciting again, and spark that fire that has long flickered out in some our teachers? Some institutions are offering incentives to its scholars for good performances on test scores. Jenifer Medina composed a passage in New York Times, entitled Can students be paid to excel? stated, “School districts nationwide have seized on the idea that a key to improving schools is to pay for performance. . .”. This may seem like a bad idea to some, because it gives the impression that the educational system has to pay its attendees to study and reward its teachers for what they are already being paid to do. Medina acknowledged, “Critics of those efforts say that children should be...

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...provide lifelong benefits that can include: but not limited to good grades, positive attitudes, high self-esteem, and perseverance. Thus, if offering incentives can prompt both students and teachers to put forth all their effort to performing at their best ability, then that is something worth investing time, money, and other resources into.
And yet, when a child lacks encouragement the outcome can be crippling. In other words, students that fall by the wayside unnoticed usually become high school dropouts, lessening their chances of having a prosperous future. Teachers are the gateway to a successful future for students and the sad truth is that unmotivated teachers cannot create an exciting learning experience nor environment for children. Singleton endorses that “as every teacher knows, a failed student can be the product of a failed teacher” (193).

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