Why Are Bans On Reptiles Important? Essay

Why Are Bans On Reptiles Important? Essay

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Why Are Bans on Reptiles Important?
There are numerous bans that regulate the ownership of certain reptiles. The punishment varies from fines to jail time. Bans, or laws, are important because they prevent uneducated people who want dangerous reptiles from acquiring them. Many people would think it is cool if they owned an alligator, a king cobra or a Komodo dragon. However, the risks are often overlooked. The thrill of acquiring the reptile outweighs the consequences. Envenomation, strangulation, consumption, and serious injury are all possibilities of what some reptiles can do to harm any person. All animals, domesticated or not, are still wild animals and will act as such. An escaped reptile can wreak havoc in the environment. Bans are in place on certain species of reptiles for these reasons: environmental effects, preventing fatalities and the price of medical help. Due to these factors, there are specific bans for certain species and subspecies.
Environmental effects are an enormous cause for bans on certain reptiles. The Florida Everglades have been taken over by discarded pets such as Nile crocodiles, Burmese pythons and Argentine black and white tegus (Haberman). The Burmese python is quite an impressive predator. A Burmese python typically grows to lengths of 12 feet or more. Twenty-footers weighing 250 pounds are not uncommon, though. The pythons are prolific breeders with destructive appetites to match. Since they have no natural competition in the region, they are believed to have eaten their way through the Florida Everglades. Their presence signals red flags in the ecosystem. Some mammals native to those marshes, like foxes and rabbits, seem to have disappeared. Raccoons, deer, opossums and bobcats are cl...

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...s on reptiles are important. They prevent people from getting hurt. The bans protect humans from their own mindset of “I can train a wild dangerous animal”. It is not cool when a king cobra bites its owner and they have to pay tens of thousands of dollars on a medical bill. It is not cool when the Burmese python that grew too big to keep in a home is released and destroys ecosystems. A crocodile is no longer a thrilling pet when the owner is dead. The main reason humans buy exotic pets is because they think they look cool with them. In conclusion bans are important because of environmental effects, the cost of medical supplies, and the specific bans to protect humans. The vital need for bans in place on ownership of certain species and subspecies of reptiles is supported by concerns such as environmental effects, fatality prevention and the price of medical support.

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