Why Animal Testing Is Necessary Essay

Why Animal Testing Is Necessary Essay

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Today, most of world population is living on the medication. Have you ever thought how all off the medicines come through out? How are medicines approved for human use? It is a long process including chemical synthesis, animal testing, clinical trials and post surveillance study of the drug. From those all steps, animal testing is a very crucial part and also a debatable step for research. Animals are used to check drug profile, in which animals are suffering from pain, stress and various other diseases. Do you think that animal testing is required? Let’s start with the human perspectives about conducting experiments on the humans instead of animals. When we see animals suffering from electric shock while doing the experiment on them, don’t we have mercy for them? Don’t you feel bad for them? In the experiment, animals are separated and kept in separate cages, then treated with electric shock to measure their response against shock. What if we do this same experiment on the human being? Can we tolerate the high voltage current as animals? Answering the questions, obviously we oppose them, talk about bad humanity and cruelty. No one is ready voluntarily for that experiment and we feel it painful and stressful. The same story is also concerned with animals, still why don’t we oppose while we do this on animals? We follow human rights, but what about animal rights? They were here on the earth before we were. They don’t speak doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. All these issues take the attention towards the animals testing and researchers are also seeking for the substitutes of the animals which help them to do effective research, helpful for both humans and animals. Alternative methods are now available, however their practical u...

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...lude the entire topic, alternatives are blessing for the researchers as well as animals. Animal researches are used for humans as well animals, however in these, animals have to sacrifice their lives and in addition, they also have to suffer pain and many diseases which are intolerable. Moreover, animal experiments’ cost are like double than the alternatives. Money budget is a very important concern in the research as well as in all fields. Understanding the logical thinking behind the replacement ideas, like every human life is important, institutes and other bodies embedded with animal research will understand the animals’ welfare. They will try to use the alternatives to animal testing as more as possible. Thus, by using replacement strategies, researchers can limit the animal use, reduce the cost of experiments, and minimize the inhumanities towards the animals.

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