Why and How We Need to Improve the Environmental Impact of Automobiles in the US

Why and How We Need to Improve the Environmental Impact of Automobiles in the US

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The United States of America needs to protect the environment with regard to automobile emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency needs to mandate that automobiles be rated for mileage based on actual mileage for each vehicle, as deemed acceptable by the EPA, and not on averages of the fleet, as well as to impose fuel taxes on gasoline to encourage less driving.
The vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is a reality. The consensus is that global warming is a man-made phenomenon. Carbon dioxide is a 9and the primary contributor to global warming. Burning fossil fuels is responsible for 79% of America’s contribution to greenhouse gases (EPA)
Burning of fossil fuels by automobiles represents 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions. One gallon of gasoline fuel burned by automobiles equals 25 pounds of greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere. The United States of America needs to change this path that our country is headed down in order to help the earth be cleaner and better for future generations.
Around the world, America is seen as a leader. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than half of the air pollution in our nation is caused by mobile sources, primarily automobiles, followed by other transportation types (King). America uses a large percentage of the world’s carbon-based fuels. In 2008, the US was responsible for 18% of the global carbon use with only 4.5% of the world’s population. Only China was higher at 23%, but China has 19% of the world’s population. The entire European Union used only 14%, while the EU has 7% of the world’s population (UN data). These data suggest a disproportionately high US carbon use.
A large part of American energy usage is for transportation. To...

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...13. .

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