Why Americans Were Neutral At The Beginning Of The Great War Essay

Why Americans Were Neutral At The Beginning Of The Great War Essay

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1. Explain why Americans were neutral at the beginning of the Great War and why they abandoned that policy.
Americans were neutral at the beginning of the Great War because at the time Woodrow Wilson president announced that United State would remain neutral and stay out of the European affairs by issuing the declaration of U.S neutrality and hoped for the American people to support his policy by not taking sides and continue to trade with warring nations. They abandoned that policy because of the incident sinking of the Lusitania ship. A British cruise/ transport ship was sailed towards British from New York but on the way German U boat ring sought sink all the supply ships headed for British in order to make them starve. German’s resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare in the spring of 1917 provided the final straw for the American to go to the War.

2. Summarize President Wilson 's role in peace negotiations and treaty ratification after the Great War.
In the Paris Peace Conference in the spring of 1919, the treaty of Versailles was created which ended the World War I and...

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