Essay on Why Americans Are Abandoning Their Religions?

Essay on Why Americans Are Abandoning Their Religions?

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Believing in the existence of god or a higher power was always an idea and habit humans practiced for thousands of years. People always believed that beyond the high sky that above their heads there is/are powerful, great, and unique creator/s called god/gods had created that big universe and he is the secret behind our existence. As a result of the lack of evidence to support the existence of god, people had created varieties of religions and worshiped many different gods. There are thousands of religions in this world, but according to how many are there website, there are twenty-one major beliefs in 2013 and each religion contains multiples branches. Christianity, Islam and nonreligious are the largest belief systems. People are abandoning their religions for many different reasons depending on their belief. Atheism and Nonreligious beliefs are growing rapidly not only in the United States, but in the whole world. Is abandoning religions will result in making our world a better place?
People should ask themselves have they chosen their religion or they were born with their religion and they are just following their parents’ beliefs? Researches have shown that people end up believing in the first religion they were exposed to and taught by their parents until they start questioning their beliefs. Before the existence of Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) people had worshiped many ancient gods such as Greeks and Egyptians for thousands of years longer than what todays’ religions worships. They built strong faith in the existence of their gods, but now we are aware and certain that their gods were just a fantasy and myth. These people’s certainty in these myths should make us ask ourselves, does our god exist ...

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... our world a better place. The Earth is ours; we make it a better place. People do not need religions to explain their world, because we no longer live in caves. Ignorance is decreasing, while the sun of knowledge is raising higher day after day enlightening people’s path to find reasonable explanation for their world. Nothing is wrong with believing in god, but it is wrong to follow religions that destroy our world. Look deeply and honestly inside yourself and question your belief deeply, you will figure out the right path.

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