Why A Citizen Is An Active Citizen And Put Their Best Foot Forward Essay

Why A Citizen Is An Active Citizen And Put Their Best Foot Forward Essay

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As times change, so too does the role of a citizen in American society. The current situation in America calls everyone to take on the role of an active citizen and put their best foot forward. We as a nation face many social, economic, and international conflicts. It is the common belief in America that we are to set the example for democracy. If this is true, then Ralph Nader describes our situation best, “There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship” (DoOneThing.org). To set the example that is needed, citizens must employ the three forms of citizenship in everyday life.
As residents of the United States, the majority of people living here are legal citizens. They have either been born here or naturalized. Being a legal citizen is one of the easiest forms of citizenship to execute. It is arguably the most important too because without the legality of being a citizen, the next two forms of being a citizen are not able to be fully explored and followed to a citizen’s best extent. To be a true or active citizen, one must fulfill the responsibility of being a legal citi...

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