Essay on Who Started World War 2?

Essay on Who Started World War 2?

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In addition to somehow being innately inclined to believe that they can overcome what is fated and predetermined, humans have a tendency to believe they are at the center of all known and unknown existence, and if given the chance can forge a path to a greater ending. Many people believe that a small change a person makes today can have a dramatic effect on tomorrow. This is the theory known as “The Butterfly Effect” and has been explored throughout literature and the media since the 1940s. The Butterfly Effect is often associated with the phrase “If you kill a butterfly in the past it will dramatically change the future.” Historians believe that the outbreak of World War Two could have been prevented by the European leaders at the time. It was their decisions and actions that plunged Europe into another World War. Ironically the First World War was so violent and horrific it was called “The war to end all wars.” Unfortunately these people were wrong as countries soon engaged in nuclear warfare, genocide, and other extreme acts of hostility and brutality. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when explaining the reasoning behind World War Two. There are different factors to the outbreak of World War Two, all having to do with the treaty of Versailles, the actions of Adolf Hitler, The failure of Appeasement, and the failure of the League of Nations. All of these things contributed to the occurrence of World War Two. After all these things are fully examined, there still lies the question: how could World War Two have been avoided and what would the outcomes be? The problem with this question is there is an infinite number of outcomes and none can really be determined, as anything could have happened. Among...

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...untries. World War I was over, but the aftermath remained making it difficult to really rise from the ashes.

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