Essay on Who Started The Great Chicago Fire?

Essay on Who Started The Great Chicago Fire?

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As we all know the Chicago Fire was supposedly started by the O’Leary cow. However new evidence from an anonymous source states that it was actually the ruler of Mt. Olympus who began the Great Chicago Fire. The fire that ruined millions of homes and killed many people may have actually been started by Zeus.
According to information that was given to us, we have learned that in recent years before the Chicago Fire mortals of the city had been refusing to worship the Olympian God. Furthermore, one careless mortal had even crashed his horse into a statue of the great ruler. Zeus being fed up with the disrespectful behavior decided to punish the defiant city. Our anonymous source most convincing evidence was the broken lightning bolts; that could only belong to Zeus. A piece of Poseidon’s not so secret journal also states

“…Last night I found some crushed thunderbolts… I am not sure whom they belong to, but I fear that the answer is almost unquestionable. They must clearly belong to my brother… I cannot understand his reasons for his actions clearly but I feel I should not reveal m...

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