Essay on Who 's Cheap By Adair Lara

Essay on Who 's Cheap By Adair Lara

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In the Essay Who’s Cheap by Adair Lara, the question of whether men should take responsibility for paying the check in dates as they did in the past becomes a matter worth taking a closer look at. Lara describes numerous examples of why women should re-evaluate their actions and cut their men some slack. At first, she addresses the double standard where women expect to be taken care of and pampered yet at the same time demand equal treatment from men. She then suggests that in this day and age men and women alike, are moving away from their historic roles in society and therefore, should embrace this deviation from tradition. Furthermore, she warns women that many of us are inadvertently fueling the fire of inequality by expecting and encouraging certain behaviors from men but condemning others. In many senses I agree with Lara, however she only scratches the surface when it comes to the conflict amongst gender roles and newfound Feminism. Her argument is relatively general and fails to touch upon occasions when paying truly is expected from men. While she makes an excellent point to all women who live within double standards, she states opinions that I disapprove of as well.
A couple decades ago the expression make me a sandwich and honey that’s YOUR job would have probably been accepted. Although, in today’s society women especially are increasingly sensitive towards, as well as offended by, gender roles. Ironically, women fighting for equal rights are also going out to dinners and more often than not, allowing their dates to treat them. In effect, such women are actually contesting their own values and weakening their voice of revolution. Lara calls herself out for falling prey to this double standard. After she tells her guy...

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...d myself, women should take care not to expect the same care and special treatment from men if they are, in the utmost sense, equal. Specifically, Women should no longer expect men to grab the bill after a date because women no longer NEED to be taken care of. With that said, I believe there are some instances when out of courtesy, men should coddle women. Whether it be her birthday, a new job or any other personal occasion that deserves celebration. Moreover, cheap men do not equate to men with bottled up emotion. Classifying them as such would be downright ignorant. Lara makes some great points in her essay, but certainly not all, I agree with. The question of who’s cheap, now becomes a question of where do we go from here. My hope is that people will soon learn to share the bill rather than silently dispute over it because sharing, does in fact indicate one cares.

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