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Essay on Who Owns Music

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Music is the art form where its medium is sound and silence, music is also an art of sound that is used to express ideas and emotions in forms such as the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. Some other elements of music include pitch, rhythm, and dynamics. “The word “Music” derives from Greek μουσική (mousike; “art of the Muses”)” (Salman). Music varies in different cultures and societies and is separated into genres and subgenres. Many people include music in their everyday lives and can play a major role to some.
Music started way before prehistoric times and there are many periods of music that came after. Periods of music included Prehistoric music (before writing), Ancient music (before 350), Medieval music (about 350-1400), Renaissance music (1400-1600), Baroque music (1600-1750), Classical Music Period (1740-1820), Romantic Music (1820-1900), and Modern Period (1900-present.) Many debates confront the issue upon whether or not there was music in the prehistoric music period since it has no record of there being any except for the little things found by archaeologists, like flutes made from bones (Wilford). Things also found were cave paintings that may have symbolized that music was a part of life back then. In China prehistoric musical instruments were found dating back to 7000 in 6600 BC and the oldest surviving actual musical work written, on clay tablets, was found in Hurrian song dated back to 1400 BC.
Music was taught in schools during the biblical period after the “triumphal passage of the Red Sea, Moses and the children of Israel sang their song of deliverance” (Main). Although music didn't hit its “boom” until the Renaissance when the printing press was invented and everything art wise suddenly blosso...

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...b. 2014.

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