Essay on Who Owns Global English?

Essay on Who Owns Global English?

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Who owns global English?
English is with no doubt, the world’s language. It is considered being the most second language to be learned after the native language of a spoken person. English is considered being the most spoken language in countries such as Australia, Canada and United States of America. So many countries now are adapting the English language and most of the international schools around the world. In “Who owns global English?” by Dennis Baron, the essay talks about who actually owns the global English in the world. The most accurate response to this question, according to the article, is that the English language no longer belongs to a certain country or specific nation, the English language belongs to who speaks English anywhere. Baron, in his essay stated that English should not be a credit to a certain people or a country rather than to give the credit to the English speakers themselves. There are almost 300 million native English speakers in the world, which make the answer to owns global English; to be almost impossible to know. The author has made rhetorical analysis in his essay as when it comes to ethos, pathos and logos and has given several examples, which I am going to represent in this writing.
The author is writing this essay of who owns global English to the general public people. He is trying to let the audience figure out that English belongs to who speaks English basically. This article took a place and published in 2010, as Baron noticed a slogan in schools at Spain, when the government of Spain spent almost 2 million euro on an advertising campaign for its people, so they could learn the English language. “Yes we want” was the chart slogan that people in Spain were chanting it out loud. Appare...

... middle of paper ...

...hant was to express their feelings and their needs to learn English. Also, the author has stated a logo, when he mentioned “Plus, English speakers, who can’t effectively control the English of fellow Anglophones, are actually in a much weaker position when trying to control the English of foreigners”. (Page: 438, paragraph 11). As the author was trying to say that English speakers themselves couldn’t control English of foreigners better that to control the English of Anglophones.
The author have made this essay clear that, again, the English language doesn’t belong to any specific nation or a certain people all the way long in the history. This reasoning is so clear that who ever demands authority of owning global English, is not true and that would affect the native English speakers around the world since they are coming from many different countries and nations.

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