Who Needs Pets Anyway? Essay

Who Needs Pets Anyway? Essay

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There is a huge problem going on and I believe I have found a way to fix it. There are millions of pets in the United States and they are taking over. There are so many dogs and cats out on the streets looking for food that they are stealing from the animals which we use for our own food. However, there are still pets in the households and we are just wasting our money on them when we could be using it for going on vacations and entertainment purposes. Well instead of letting these animals take over I propose that we use them for our enjoyment until they die. This will help us in many ways; they won’t be stealing the food that our cattle need and we will be able to gain more food, we will be saving money because we won’t have to buy them anything and most importantly we will get our enjoyment without having to pay.
If we just start killing off all these pets that are wandering the street then we will be able to get rid of them and if we wanted to we could use them as food. As we kill the cats and dogs there will be more food for our livestock because the awful animals won’t ...

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