Who Is The Only Source Of Knowledge? Essays

Who Is The Only Source Of Knowledge? Essays

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Albert Einstein said that the only source of knowledge is experience. Rationalists seek to discover knowledge through reason only considering that sensory experience is deceptive, therefore unreliable. Empiricists argue that experience is all we have to gather knowledge and we will have to settle for less certainty. Thus the great debate on whether or not experience is the source of all knowledge.
John Locke argues that there are no innate ideas, all of us being a tabula rasa when we are born. People with disabilities cannot be so certain of things so they basically have no other choice to rely on their sensory experience in order to gain knowledge. Locke says that knowledge does come from ideas, but these ideas come from experience. He believes we can have simple ideas or very complex ones and we can get ideas either by sensation or reflection.
Locke defines sensation as our experience of the world, things just happens without us thinking what will happen next. Furthermore, he says reflection are ideas that we get willing, thinking, believing, and doubting. Locke further explains ...

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