Who Is The Oldest Of Four Siblings? Essay

Who Is The Oldest Of Four Siblings? Essay

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Layla is a twenty two year old woman who was born in Edina, Minnesota. She is the oldest of four siblings. For the first 10 years of her life she lived in Edina before she moved to Minneapolis, MN. Her mother is first generation Somali who moved to the United States when she was 14. Her father is bi-racial (Black & White) who was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents met in Atlanta in high school and started dating in college. They got married right after graduating, with a few touch patches resulting in her mother’s family moving away to Minnesota. Her mother decided to move to Minnesota as well to stay close to her family. Layla was raised next door to her mother’s side of the family. They lived 15 minutes away and she was very influenced by her mother’s side. She still feels connected to her father’s side but only visited his side of the family in Atlanta a few times a year. Layla mentioned maybe if they lived closer a chance for a better relationship would have been possible.
Throughout elementary school Layla never felt different from anyone in her family. She spoke the language, knew the culture. Her skin was just lighter but she knew cousins and aunts who also had lighter skin. Her hair wasn’t any different. The only time during those earlier years that she felt different was when she looked in the mirror and saw her lighter hazel eyes. They were pretty as everyone said but she hated them. It was the center of attention when with family and new friends who ask why her eye colour was so different.
Layla went to a majority Somali middle school. That was when she really started to feel different and didn’t fit in. She had a lot of Somali friends but it was different when she went to school where almost everyone wa...

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...s the women she is today. She explained how grateful she was for that opportunity and she made life long friends that she never knew would be possible. Layla graduated with a bachelor in Social Psychology and Political science. She is still applying to grad schools and is mainly looking at programs in international development or peace and conflict resolution. Layla finished off the interview with saying she identifies as Somali, she doesn’t deny her father’s and is proud to be African-American and white. She at one point would identify as Somali-African American and it sometimes changes she explained. “Not that I’m confused or anything, but sometimes it changes”. Layla loves reading and watching Doctor Who, she’s allergic to cats and can’t stand the smell of olives. Layla wants people in the future people to just keep their opinions to himself and not bother her.

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