Essay about Who Is The Oldest For A Young Child?

Essay about Who Is The Oldest For A Young Child?

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To a young child, their family may mean the world to them. To a child going to family reunions and seeing their grandparents is quite enjoyable. I felt that way as well at one point in my life, however, time changes everything.
Growing up, I have by no means had a strong bond with anyone in my family. When I hear the word grandmother I think of an adorable elderly woman who spoils me and allows me to pick through the bottom of her purse for the last piece of candy. Sadly, that was far from my reality. My Nana was in no way the sort of grandmother a child would imagine having. She was an extremely closed off woman who only ever appeared to care about one person, and his name was David. My Nana had four children: Sheila, the oldest that passed away when I was three; my mother, Sherrie, Gary that is now a famous preacher, and David who is the baby and most dependent of the family.
For anyone to fully understand my relationship with my Nana I must start from the beginning. My Nana always pampered David, so severely that in many situations he did not know how to care for himself. The rest of her children grew up fine and have families of their own; he did not age as well as the others. From a young age, he was a trouble maker who did everything he could to damage another person’s life. I know it may not sound like a person could be so malicious but he always found a way, and as he grew older he became more problematic. David would steal from Nana, not personal belongings, but checks from work, social security checks, and retirement checks. Despite his thievery, Nana always took his side, no matter what the situation was or how much damage he had done.
Over the years, it has been made obvious to my mother that Nana did n...

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...had the support of my friends. Through every situation, I have had Leslie, Jordan, and Miette to help me through. I am positive that I would have lost my sanity in high school had it not been for them. They are my source of strength when I am down, and if there is ever an issue I could not talk to my mom or Kimmy about I would go to them. I am so lucky to have those girls in my life. Through my tough times, these wonderful people have all been there for me even though there was never any blood relation.
I have learned that just because I am related to someone that does not make them my family. From this lesson I have made so many remarkable bonds with even more amazing people who I consider my family. The most prominent lesson I have learned is that family does not end in blood, but it does not start there either. Family cares about me, not what I can do for them.

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