Who Is The Neo Pi Rtm Test? Essay

Who Is The Neo Pi Rtm Test? Essay

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I would say that the NEO PI-RTM test is much more accurate compare to the Myers-Briggs, probably because it has more words to describe people’s personalities. I had used some of the similar words to describe my personality in assignment two, so I feel that it is more truthful. However, there are many questions to answer, and luckily my browser did not crash.
My results for this personality test is mostly similar to my self-description assignment. For example, the most accurate of all is Extraversion. I did not surprise that I score a two on this category because I regard myself as an introversion. Compare to assignment two, I picked reserve and introversion to describe my personality because this is how I see myself. I said that I tell little about myself to people, and I like to be in my own world. As for the Myers-Briggs personality test, I scored high on the Introversion section again. Introversion is a strong personality trait that I have. I believe that no matter what personality test I take, I will always score high on Introversion and low on Extraversion. For the sub-category in Extraversion, I score average on friendliness, although, I thought the score could have been a little bit higher. However, as I mentioned in the second assignment that, I do not approach people first.
I agree with the result that I score high on Agreeableness because with high tolerance with I am able to accept individuals’ differences. For example, when working in a group project, I tend to agree with other people’s opinion most of the time. In a group project, I am likely to have less argument with them. Similar to the Myers-Briggs test, I want to seek harmony with them first because I know that I will have to work with them for a while. Feelin...

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...ing around a crowd of people that I do not know. I foreshadowed that if I did something wrong, they might make fun of me. For example, I do not like to speak in class because I do not want to be the center of the attention. I might embarrass myself while trying to speak.
Even though my score on Openness to Experience is low, yet one of my scores in the sub-category, which is Artistic Interests, is average. For this sub-category, I expected to be higher because I like do artistic stuff, such as watching fashion show, designing dress during my free time, and going to the museums. I enjoy viewing arts, any kind of arts. Whenever I am bored in class or at home, I will draw. I even have a collection of the dresses that I drew. Although I score low on Intellect, I regard myself as highly artistic, especially in designing dresses because I have endless ideas of doing it.

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