Essay about Who Is The Helper 8?

Essay about Who Is The Helper 8?

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Helper 8: So, it kind of sounds like you push it out until you can’t push it out. And, so you busy yourself to not deal with it? So, why do you always just push it out? Why can’t you deal with the stress? What is blocking you from dealing with it? [words]

Client 8: Yeah. I don’t really know what to do half the times to deal with the stress and the other half of the times I’m not a very sharing person whenever I have something that’s bothering me or whatever I don’t really go and talking to anyone about it. I don’t tell my friends. I don’t tell my family. I just don’t share myself/ my stuff with people. I guess. [words]

Helper 9: So, how does it make you feel that you can’t share with other people? [words]

Client 9: I think to myself it’s definitely better for me if I just openly talk about things with other people. Definitely help resolve some issues a lot quicker. But, I guess I’m stubborn in the sense that I not really open to this idea of sharing. So, I just don’t do it. [words]

Helper 10: So, you started off saying that your friends are doing certain things and there a timetable in your head and it’s telling you that you should be doing the same things as them. But, you also said that you don’t share with them./ So, does it feel like you not being able to express the fact that you want to be where they’re at, but you’re not where they’re at, does it feel like it’s affecting your relationship with them, that you can’t express that? [words]

Client 10: No, because I kind of make it seem like I know what I’m doing to them. So, they don’t think that I stress about our plans. When they ask me, “Wow, what are you doing next year?” I give them very general responses, very confident ones like: yeah, I’m just going...

... middle of paper ...

... I doing it last minute, I’m really motivated to just focus on it and finish it cause if I don’t do it I’m not going to be able to finish it, have it complete on time. But, if I have a lot of time on my hands to do it, I just unconsciously I’m thinking “well, I can slow down, I can look at some other stuff, go on YouTube, watch some videos and like distract myself.” I don’t really motivate myself to go back and focus on my work because I’m thinking in my head, “oh, I have a bunch of time to do this.” And it’s also like a bad habit that I’ve build, so it also like, “Oh, I finished this paper by starting the last day, or the night before. I can definitely do it again, so it’s no problem.” I guess that what I’m thinking or going through my head. [words]

Helper 15: So, you work well under pressure. [words]

Client 15: Right, I excel. I, yeah absolutely. Yeah. [words]

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