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Who Is The Client? Essay

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D- Client was ten minutes late for his scheduled appointment. The client called the Clinician in advance about his tardy. When asked by the writer 's about his day thus far, he reported that his day is hectic because he has to pick his girlfriend after his session and prior to his day, he had to take his son to school. The writer acknowledged the client busy day and asked the client if he has concerns about his one hour appointment and his response was no. During the course of the session, the Clinician explained to the client about conducting/completing his initial treatment plan. The client was engaged with discussing his long term goals and short goals for his recovery process. The client discussed with the clinician about his family and how he does not speak with his mother, who is alcoholic since the client was twelve years old. He refuses to allow his mother to see his children. The writer asked about the client about his father and according to the client, his father served 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. As soon as his father was released from prison, he died within a few months due to medical issues that were not closely monitor while his father was in prison. The writer asked the client if he spend a lot of time with his father and his replied was yes, but his father death took a toll on him. The client went on to mention that his sister was murder and his other sister is in prison for murder. Clinician notes that the client went through traumatic events in his life and according to the client, his coping mechanism was drugs. The writer discussed support system with the client and he reported that his only support is his girlfriend and children. The client expressed his admiration and love for his th...

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...the methadone tends to wean off about 1am whereas he started to feel the symptoms. The client reported that he immediately addressed this with the medical team, at which led to his increase.

A-Based on the writer assessment, the client is in maintenance stage. The client is motivated to change, but needs to be committed to change and ensure no relapse during his recovery. He is aware of the steps that necessary for recovery. All components of MSE were WNL functioning. The clients denies any SI/HI.

P- The client is aware that the clinician will monitor is UA results and give him positive feedbacks for all negative results. The client is also aware about keeping all appointments and if there is any cancellation, to provide 24 hour notice. The Clinician and the client agreed to meet every week for 30 minutes and the next appt. is scheduled for 12/01/2015 @9:30am.

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