Essay on Who Is The Best Way For People?

Essay on Who Is The Best Way For People?

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Epictetus made many excellent points on how he believes would be the best way for people to live though there were a point or two where I differed from his opinion on how life should be lived. One point of differing would be at passage eleven when he is saying that you should just believe that you are giving something back when it is taken from you. I don’t think this is quite the best way to go about anything since it would, more or less, just be someone saying that their own property or the people around them don’t matter to them in the least. I think that it is far too much an emotionless state to be in to think like this about everything around you.
In passage eleven it is spoken that if something or someone is taken then you should just say that it was given back though I don’t think this is a good way to go through life. If I go through life thinking like this then I will always lack any emotion for anyone I come in contact with. Being this way doesn’t exactly help in any way to be able to really help the world around me since if I am always focused on not caring for the world or anyone around me then I will not be concerned if the world or the people in it are treated in such a terrible way. I won’t really care if I’m living in a world that is pretty well destroyed since I wouldn’t have the empathy to care about my own property or the property of others since it would just be given back after I was finished with it.
Another passage that helps me to sort of understand this passage would be passage fifteen since it talks about that you must always act with dignity and not seem too eager for the world around you. I don’t completely agree with this passage though it helps me to see sort of how it can be a simple understanding...

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... would be a better solution than everyone thinking that if they lack empathy then the world would be easier for them; thinking like this would actually destroy the world instead of helping it since it make everyone not think in the least of how they were treating the world around them. I understand why it was theorized that we should act this way about the world since it would make things easier on us and cause less heartbreak when something was taken away though it doesn’t really make us treat things any better when we possess them or are near them. It is much better if we all show empathy toward the people we meet and to the world itself so that the world can be treated well and taken care of. This would help us all to not destroy the world if we are thinking about what will happen if we make this decision and the consequences of making a decision without thinking.

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