Who is Saint Bernadette? Essay examples

Who is Saint Bernadette? Essay examples

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While a nun, and for a time before, Bernadette suffered great scrutiny and publicity for her visions at Lourdes. Civil authorities such as policemen and prosecutors tried to convince her that she was falsifying the sightings. Even some bishops and priests argued against her. However, as part of her spirituality, Bernadette used the gift of fortitude to stand up to the naysayers. Her faith never vacillated throughout the animadversions of her visions. Bernadette realized that it was a part of God’s plan for her to be the chosen one to see these apparitions, which included standing up to those accusing her of being dishonest (Lord and Lord 219).
While Bernadette was fortified against her disparagers, she was also very humble, especially to the pilgrims flocking to see “the chosen one.” Bernadette abhorred the publicity she was receiving due to her visions. The pilgrims bombarded Bernadette in public, to which Bernadette would reply with wit and humility. For instance when pilgrims asked her if she would sell medals, she responded, “But I am not a shop-keeper” (Lord and Lord 222). One pilgrim had the audacity to ask Bernadette if she could cut a piece of her dress to keep, to which Bernadette retorted wittily, “How very stupid you are!” (Lord and Lord 222). Perhaps best exemplifying Bernadette’s humility, Bernadette testifies to her human nature when a pilgrim asks to be cured by her. Bernadette replies, “What do you take me for? I am like you. I have no power. All I can do is pray for you” (Lord and Lord 222). Keep in mind, Bernadette and her family were bereft. Bernadette could have easily sold medals, rosaries, or even portions of her garments, yet she refused to. While a nun she was interviewed by the local newspaper. The inte...

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... the spring and obey the Immaculate Conception; Bernadette said “yes” to Mary, just as Mary had said “yes” to God.

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