Who Is Responsible For His Adult Son 's Misdeeds? Essay

Who Is Responsible For His Adult Son 's Misdeeds? Essay

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Would a mother be responsible for his adult son’s misdeeds? In Mary Shelley 's book, “Frankenstein” Victor creates a creature who then kills numerous amount of people. Some may speculate that Victor is responsible for the murders, but the creature is the one to blame. Victor Frankenstein is not responsible for the actions of the Creature. The Creature has 100 percent control over his actions and has logical decision making. The one who does the crime, should also be the one who takes the responsibility of the crime.
The Creature has full responsibility of his actions. Victor has created the Creature therefore causings the crimes, but does not mean Victor is responsible. Victor is technically the birthgiver or father of the Creature; a parent is one who brings forth an offspring. Victor has no obligation to take care of the Creature. Victor is not responsible as he is not the one who physically murdered the people and had no idea his creation would do so. Responsibility is the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something. If Victor was responsible, wouldn’t that mean anybody who the Creature encountered be just as responsible as Victor? The Creature committed the atrocities, due to the strings of events. Victor is the first event in his life, then the De lacys, then the father of the girl he saved shooting, and so on. If Victor was held responsible, then everybody above is just as accountable as Victor. Victor’s only motives were to advance medical science and to reanimate life. The Creature’s motives were to seek war against humans and to kill anybody related to his creator.
The Creature has 100 percent control, decision making, and a developed brain to commit the murders. The Creature is essentially a super huma...

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...e brought back alive, soldiers who lost their arm could receive another one, and more lives could be helped or brought back alive. Possible solutions Victor could have improved on, was having a cage for the Creature so he wouldn’t escape. Even though the Creature will be suffering, doctors and scientists could study him to save lives in the future. An example would be giving one piece candy and then receiving a box of candy. People will need to give up one person to then help millions of people. Another possible solution, is to not start experimenting with humans. Mices could be an excellent start on his studies of reanimating dead tissue. This way he doesn’t have to hurt any humans, pushes science forward, and no one would be murdered by the Creature. In the end, the Creatures displays the prejudice of society and how anything different to society is a harm to them.

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