Essay about Who Is Red Honda Car?

Essay about Who Is Red Honda Car?

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That’s enough! Someone has been following me for the past few weeks. There was always that red Honda parked just far enough away not to notice, but could catch up to me once I drive away. That red Honda, always a few cars behind me when I am driving to work and home. I have been explaining this to my husband, but he thinks it is a different car every time.
I decided to take measures into my own hands. I called my sister and told her about my stalker, she agreed that she would meet me in the super market that evening. I had a plan that I think could work. Since I have only seen the same car and not a person repeatedly, I believe that this person whoever she or he may be hasn’t followed me in to the stores yet. I went to the back next to the freezer section where the milk was. My sister noticed me and she put her car keys on top of the eggs and I put mine near the milk. We walk past each other I nodded to her with thanks and took her keys.
I left my cart and headed for the exit, my hood over my head. I rushed through the parking lot to get in my sister’s Ford and stared at the red H...

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