Who Is Not Allowed? Or What Was Taboo? Essay examples

Who Is Not Allowed? Or What Was Taboo? Essay examples

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When young adults were turning 20 years old they were starting to look for a partner to settle down with. Nancy talked about how men were expected to follow their father 's career footsteps, or serve their country. Most 20 year olds had were in serious relations or getting married to start a new life and family. Nancy was planning on getting married, “When I was 20 years old in 1962 I was engaged to be married”. Many of her friends were also starting families and working.
When Ralph was 20, he told me “I was expected to either go get a job or enlist in the military, I joined the Marines out of highschool”. His family expected him to go and serve his country which he did. His Father was a Veteran and had expectations for him to follow his footsteps. He wanted to further his education, “after I served four years, went to college after at Kean University and got my degree in psychology”.

What was not allowed to do? Or what was taboo?

It was frowned upon for girls to have tattoos, it wasn 't lady like to have them. Cathy explained that tattoos on girls were very uncommon. It was rare for men have buzzed hair, all men would have medium length hair. She said that people in her town didn 't almost anything that they wanted, there was a lot of drinking and smoking from minors and parents weren 't very strict.
Most of the acts that was not allowed and taboo when Kevin was a teen are still taboo today, people still look at drug users and drug dealers as something that 's forbidden. Many people would not approve and stay clear of people that smoke cigarettes. Along with Marijuana and more serious drugs was not aloud and was frowned upon in the community he lived in. Many of these topics that were not aloud back then are still discourage...

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... Marines. Cathy and Nancy seemed to be upset when talking about the war.
Although the three generations are very different in many ways, there are large similarities as well. All three generations have men being gentlemen and paying for women. In today 's society men still pay for females and drive on their dates. It seemed like the male interviewees were for supporting america in winning a war to keep us safe. The females in the two generations were both anti war and wanted to keep peace.
Gender roles have not change to much men still try to be powerful and have confidence, and the females usually act innocent. But today there isn 't judgement for men to show emotion or are not so manly. If females are athletes and are tough and loud people respect it and the judging has reduced. Judging people has been less in the society, many people like things that are different.

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