Essay on Who Is My Father?

Essay on Who Is My Father?

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From the Two of Us to the Four of Us
From the first time a father sees his daughter, he usually falls head over heels in love with her and already want to give her the world. Or at least, that is how the story usually goes, right? Well to be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea who my father is. Do not get me wrong; I am perfectly fine with not knowing whom he is. Luckily, for my mother and I, growing up without a man in the house did not last long for us. At the age of four, I was thrown for a loop when my mother brought home a man who would soon become my stepdad. Going from just my mother and I, to meeting him, to becoming a family, my world was surely about to change.
Shortly after I was born, five months to be exact, my mother, my grandfather, and I came to the United States from the Philippines. When we came to the States, my grandfather bought a house in Memphis and my mother and I lived with him for a couple of years. Things did not work out though so we moved out when I was two. My mother rented an apartment and until I was five that is where we lived, just the two of us. My favorite memory while living in that apartment was Saturday mornings. My mother would have to go do the laundry downstairs, but she would put on Elmo’s World, open the front door all the way, and give me a coloring book to occupy myself while she was gone. She always told me that if I needed anything, she would be downstairs and that the neighbors were watching me too. Being the young thirty something that my mother was, she did want to get back on the dating scene. I do not know all of the facts about her dating life, but I always remembered when she would let me meet them. Before my stepdad, I remember there was three other guys my mom dated b...

... middle of paper ... and with work, often left me to play by myself. It started getting lonely so I told them that I wanted a baby brother. At first they were shocked but my mother told me that if I really wanted a baby brother, I had to go to the fireplace everyday and ask God to bring one to me. As silly as it sounded, that is exactly what I did. I never missed a day where I went to the fireplace and asked for a baby brother to play with. On August 25th, 2002, my little brother Calvin James Lofton came into the world. Since that day, my world has gotten so much bigger and so much louder. I now had someone to play with, to talk to, to get into trouble with, and to protect. My parents married on March 25th in 2004 and we became a complete family. My family is a mess but they are my mess and I love them nonetheless. My world surely changed but I believe that it changed for the better.

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