Who Is My Biggest Role Model? Essay example

Who Is My Biggest Role Model? Essay example

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What if you had to answer the question, who is your biggest role model? Would you know the answer on the top of your head, or would you have to think about it? Everyone has their version of their perfect role model. The answer to these questions could be their best friend, family, or even someone as simple as a celebrity. For many people, it can be hard to decide who has had the biggest impact and their life and for what reasons. However, for me deciding my biggest role model is perfectly simple. My biggest role model is my father for many reasons, but the most primary reasons being his constant support, positive outlook on life, and his endless amount determination.
My dad’s most recognizable strength is his ability to provide support in any decisions I make, no matter how big or small they may be. When growing up, I was never told what to do or how to do it. My father has encouraged me to do what I think is right, even if he does not agree. He always provides me support and helps me overcome all situations. There is nothing harder than being unsure about a situation and regretting the outcome. With his constant support, I know I never have to think through tough decisions alone. One example happened a few months ago when I was offered another career with a different company, and I was on the fence about what I should do. My father pulled me aside, weighed out the positives and negatives of both jobs, and gave me the strength to open my eyes and look past the present into the future. His desire to help me ensured I was making the best decision for me. However, this is just one of hundreds of examples I could provide that proves how far he would be willing to go to provide with support. My father always has taught me to ...

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...ail for anyone in his family if it meant growth for them. He also has taught me that times get tough, and things get hard, but the only thing stopping me from achieving my goals are my unwillingness to push forward. My father is a man of many, admirable qualities that make him my perfect role model.
To finish up, my father has indeed given me the biggest gifts of all; unconditional support, a positive outlook on all areas of life, and relentless determination. His countless experiences and endless support have made me make the toughest decisions with confidence. He has taught me to stay motivated in the worst of times and humble in the best of times. My father lives life with no challenges to broad and no goals out of reach, making him unstoppable when determined. There is no man with more of an influence on me than my father, making him my perfect role model.

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