Who Is Born With Skills? Essay

Who Is Born With Skills? Essay

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I noticed from all the capable people I know that their skills were acquired through hard work, their passion for what they do, and years of experience in their trade or profession. I can 't think of anyone who is born with skills. If you come across people who achieved certain results due to natural ability than hard work, there 's a good chance that hard work has been invested. For example, when I was in school, there were students who seem to breeze through tests and get great results. What a lot of people don 't know is that behind the great results were extra hours spent on self-studying and hours of private tuition that their parents put them through. Another example: when I worked in a research firm, there were people who stood out above others. These were the same people who invested extra time to get their skills right.

Some people have the perception that talent is inborn only in some people because they only see professionals when they have achieved a certain level of expertise. No one would expect musicians to pick up an instrument and play without being taught how to play it. They are taught to play the instrument and they invest endless hours before this expertise is reached. Without knowing that, it 's easy to jump to conclusions and assume that they have always been this good all the way. If you have a goal and you feel that you don 't have the talent to achieve it, whether you believe it or not, you already have the necessary skill required to achieve it. The missing piece of the mystery is not that you lack talent, but to invest the hard work. Instead of seeing talent as something inborn in others, recognize that talent is inborn in you as well. You just need to put in the hours to bring it out of you.


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... follow through is another thing altogether. If you read the stories of great achievers in any generation, you 'll realize that it 's always about self-discipline. It 's always disciplined effort that takes you all the way to the end. If you 've ran a marathon before, you 'll have a good idea of the illustration. A Marathon competitor once said “After about 30 km, it 's all mental. Your physical facilities are all shutdown and it 's only your mind and discipline that keeps you going.” It doesn 't matter if you were able to run faster than your peers in a short 5 km run, when it comes to a certain point in marathon, it all boils down to your mental determination. Life is the same, we can all start off and get ahead from all our peers with purely our talent, but in the long run, it is the one with the self-discipline that will be able to push ahead from the competition.

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