Who Is Born Into The Young Girl? Essay

Who Is Born Into The Young Girl? Essay

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At 16 years old this young girl had a free-spirited personality that led her to be an outcast in her community. The society she lived made it difficult to accomplish much as a woman and she often brought chaos and embarrassment into her life. She may not have always come off as ladylike and graceful and some even said she did not hold the qualities to find a husband. Her determination and love for her family, and most importantly the respect she had for her father, led her to do something that most people of her time, especially women, saw as a dishonor to her family and could essentially get her killed.
Upon finding out that her frail father would have to fight in the war for China she joined the army in order to protect him as well as prove her own self-worth. Due to the society she lived in and their mistreatment towards her, as well as the pressures of the society she was born into, the young girl’s only way to keep true to herself and have her reflection show who she really was was to go against all the sexism and injustice around her.
At this time in China the military was defined at a masculine institution so for this young girl she had to prove against all men that she was fierce both physically and mentally; she also had she show that she was self-reliant and persistent all while being uncover, dressed as a man, for fear that they would kill her if they found out her true identity. Through trials and tribulations, she began setting examples for all the men around her eventually gathering the respect of the men. When in battle, she performed successful tactics with quick thinking and mental observations, which in the end resulted in the saving of many fellow soldiers as well as the entire population of China,
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...racial identity. Unfortunately, this film does portray that women have to do things as men to earn respect for the most part but at the very end of the film when the other men are deciding whether to trust Mulan now, because she is visibly a woman, Mulan exclaims that they trusted her when she was a man why is this any different? So as much as it captures hostile sexism it quickly addresses the flaws behind the attitude itself. Another thing that was unimportant was the underlying love story in the film with Captain Li Shang. This gave a hint to the misogynistic idea that after all this fighting, both physically and mentally, Mulan got to find a husband—the very thing her society wanted from her all along. All in all, Mulan showed young girls and women that they can truly do anything and fight against all odds without the need of a man, a society, or their opinions.

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