Who Is Blame For Terrorism? Essay

Who Is Blame For Terrorism? Essay

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Who to blame for Terrorism
When a person thinks of terrorists, we only think of them as people trying to hurt the U.S. The U.S is used to being admired and being a great country, but when the U.S goes into other countries and attacks them we expect them not to fight back. An attack that left Americans in fear was the September 11 attack which was a suicide bombing of the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. When the U.S goes into another country to invade we don’t consider it terrorism we consider it defending ourselves. Since the U.S is one of the most powerful countries and has money, power, religion freedom, democracy and greed is what terrorist act against.
Capitalism is one of the reasons that causes Terrorism, there are some rich and some poor. The rich take advantage of the poor and exploit them,so the rich have the power to go into other countries and exploit those people of their labor and resources. Those people eventually get tired of it and decide to fight back. For example, the reason why the Middle East is messed up is partly the U.S fault and Saudi Arabia. During the cold war the U.S wanted to defeat the communist, and Saudi Arabia introduced by force a version of Islam called Wahhabism. This is basically a strict version of Islam. When the U.S goes into other countries doing the same thing they did to us we consider it defending ourselves. With the presidential campaign coming up soon both candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have their own perspective on the U.S foreign policies.
Hillary Clinton 's policy one that I disagree with, as far as battling with ISIS discusses her plan to create a no-fly zone in Syria and create safe spaces for the Syrian people who are victims...

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... per year. And by banning Muslims is only going to upset the people off more and side with ISIS. This emphasizes that this is a religious war and that it is them Vs. the U.S. The one thing that can work is to try to work with our middle eastern partners but in order to do this, the Muslim people have to view the U.S in a positive light and the Muslim people dislike Trump for the things that he has said.
Many people question how terrorist act and how their attacks are on their will of God. Terrorist are willing to sacrifice their own life and invest so much time and energy into attacking or killing the lives of many innocent people. They believe that this association with god will lead them to rewards of paradise. Terrorist attack in the places where there are the most people. They do this because that is what terrorism technically is hurting or destroying people.

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