Essay on Who Is A Well Planned And Organized Field Trip

Essay on Who Is A Well Planned And Organized Field Trip

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I believe that, a well planned and organized field trip is a valuable learning experience for many people. This is because; it can equip one with immense academic content knowledge, as well as personal gains. Historic site visits are some of the most enjoyable activities during the school year; not only are they insightful, but they provide new learning experiences away from the conventional classroom. In light of this premise, this report documents a visit that I made to Old Stone Fort State Park located in Manchester, Tennessee. The report will describe my visit preparations, description of the historic site, factors that make the site historic, important aspects of the site, my impression of the site, recommendations, and the reason why the site should be preserved for the future generations.
Preparing for the visit
Based on previous site visits, it was necessary for me to have some background knowledge of the site. Understanding the goals that needed to be accomplished during the visit was also significant since it ensured that I maximized my learning experience. To familiarize myself with the Old Stone Fort State Park; located in Manchester, Tennessee; I visited various websites, blogs and read papers, which had first hand information concerning the site, or were written by people who had visited the park. Since I was anticipating seeing and learning many things I carried a pen, a notebook and a camera for recording the most important things for future reference.

A description of the historic site
Old Stone Fort State Park is an 844acre historical area, dedicated to the preservation, protection and interpretation of the Old Stone Fort; a 2000 year old Native Indian ceremonial site. The site is made up of mounds, and earthen...

... middle of paper ...

... the physical geography. Visitors will enjoy the illuminated wall insets, with audio interpretations. This will provide them with historical information and cultural characteristics from each of the major time eras.
Why this site should continue to be preserved for future generations
This site is a direct and substantial representation of history as well as place. By preserving Old Stone Fort, it will be possible to share the very spaces and environments which previous generations before used and lived on. The site’s preservation is vital since it helps with the visual as well as substantial protection of the American culture. Beyond the solidification of our past, the preservation of the site will strengthen the nation’s future. Future generations will be able to benefit through the interpretive components, for example, learning as well as recreational activities.

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